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Interact with data through chart visualizations for more than 200 data sets from leading international data providers.

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Access flow diagrams for national and regional energy imports and exports, based on UN Comtrade data.

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Create a custom data set comparison table. Choose your own indicators and countries.



More than 7,000 power plants have mapped across the Asia-Pacific region. Interact with data points to view power plants and attributes.

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Policy Search

Use a smart search function to locate policies, programme information, and more. Search keywords over thousands of documents and filter results by country, scope, and other attributes.

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Policy Timelines

Plot national policies on timelines according to themes such as energy access, efficiency, and renewables.

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Quickly locate policy content categorized under more than 100 attributes, such as energy access priorities, renewable energy targets, and energy efficiency action plans.

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Through the 2013 Asian and Pacific Energy Forum (APEF), ESCAP member States requested the secretariat to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of information by “increasing the coherence and availability of energy statistics and policy-related information." In response, the secretariat, with the support of the Russian Federation, developed the Asia Pacific Energy Portal.

The platform’s goal is to facilitate research, analysis, and informed decision-making within the Asia-Pacific region’s energy sector.  It is an open-access information platform, providing data visualizations for an extensive set of energy statistics, full-text policies, and interactive infrastructure maps.

The Portal offers a collection of more than 200 datasets from global institutions including UN Data, the International Energy Agency, the World Bank, UNComtrade, IRENA, and Bloomberg. More than 3,000 policy documents have been collected from hundreds of official websites. More than 6,000 power plants have been mapped.

With this Portal, ESCAP aims to support research, analysis, and, ultimately, informed decision-making.

Latest Updates

Explore the Latest Data on Energy

Updated data until 2021 has been released on the Asia Pacific Energy Portal. Access SDG 7 indicators in countries and also in Asia and the Pacific.

Policies updated on the Portal

Energy policies of countries have been updated until 2021 on the Asia Pacific Energy Portal. Access policies via smart functions 'Policy Search, Policy Timelines and Policy Matrix'.  

ASEAN Energy Progress Report Released!

Tracking SDG7 in the ASEAN region report serves as a guiding framework for evolving national ASEAN countries' energy systems that can support the global, regional and national agendas on climate change and sustainable development. Access the report here.

Energy Balance Data Updated on the Portal

IEA Energy Balance data have been updated on the Asia Pacific Energy Portal. These included the data of energy supply and consumption of member countries in Asia and the Pacific.